After 40 years as one of the largest wholesale designer label manufacturers, Frederick Gelb is going to reduce it’s multi-million-dollar inventory by 60%! There are never to be seen again deals on sheared mink, reversibles, sporty hooded pieces, the new horizontal look, sables and so much more in a fantastic range of in stock sizes and colors. That we can only name a few:

  • Reversible American sheared mink jackets uptown $7000 here $2,995
  • Horizontal Blue mink jackets $8500 in the department store here $3,895
  • Full length American mink coats-Designer salon at $10,000-$14,000, now at wholesale here at $4,500 to $5,000!
  • Over 1500 fantastic deals on 1500 furs at Closeout Clearance Prices.

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