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  • Are you thinking of suing to protect your copyright or other intellectual property assets; have a dispute with the licensee or licensor of software or issues with hardware installation and maintenance? We have your IP, digital tech, content marketing interests at the heart of our legal services. At PAIL, we: Do the heavy lifting through the courts so that you can own and profit from your ideas by securing IP rights and dealing effectively with infringement. Support innovative businesses using digital technology to realise their vision by writing easy to read commercial contracts and business terms that comply with privacy and general data protection regulations. Help digital and entertainment agencies engage, develop and market talent using contracts that are clear, concise and up-to-date with respect to the influence of social media on building brands and content. Our work includes working on content marketing campaigns including social media influencer agreements in eSports / gaming, fashion and music campaigns. Whether you are a fashion, tech, gaming or utilities business, if it is digital technology, then we want to get involved. Stand up to international IP infringement or unjustified threats in court if necessary. Offer representation in the corporate aspects of digital business including the purchase and sale of companies, investment and shareholder matters. or drafting shareholder and investor agreements. We regularly advise on IP litigation, GDPR compliance, mobile apps and website design and development projects. We represent all types of businesses in all industries as well as musicians, actors, artists, television producers, authors models, as well as corporations and other organizations.