Is Fashion industry truly addressing the sustainable fashion and sustainability of the industry? Adam & Alice

Fashion is there in every walk of our lives from common man to celebrities. Fashion industry is one of the most criticised industry for by the environmentalist and this year fashion week fall 2019 found to address upon sustainable fashion. But, how far brands and retailers are adapting to this call of action is a […]


Fashion is there in every walk of our lives from common man to celebrities. Fashion industry is one of the most criticised industry for by the environmentalist and this year fashion week fall 2019 found to address upon sustainable fashion. But, how far brands and retailers are adapting to this call of action is a question to address today.

By 2030, it is predicted that the industry’s water consumption will grow by 50 percent to 118 billion cubic meters (or 31.17 trillion  gallons), its carbon footprint will increase to 2,791 million tons and the amount of waste it creates will hit 148 million tons.

These statistical predictions have given direction to the industry and  the call for action made by the industry on sustainable fashion is still questionable. Many brands and stores are found to address them by sending wrong messages to public by using recycled polyester, which is found to be more harmful than actual polyester.  Are we really getting rid of polyester?

The voice of young brands has made the high-streets to address the fall of the industry, but found that the solution to the problem has not been effective enough and cost cutting ways for profit gains by introduction of recycle polyester is not a permanent solution to the sustainability of the industry.

Still call of many young talents and name designer’s like Vivienne Westwood  in the recent years are not been addressed significantly by the fashion industry on the sustainability of the industry calling for GO GREEN action.

A young fashion brand Adam and Alice London by Asvika Kathiresan is found voicing to bring the change in the fashion industry for sustainability of the industry and sustainable fashion in the last week fashion week show hosted at at the Court House Hotel, soho.

Adam and Alice London initiated call of action by supporting growing designers and artists who are pursuing real talent and trying to make difference in their actions and in their work. The women’s wear luxury fashion label has taken a call of action to support talents in the industry who are the strength of the industry to revolutionise the fashion industry to bring back the glory of true fashion.

Adam and Alice London opened the show with Jack Siren, transgender to address the gender barrier and equality in fashion by bringing out the talents of the artists. Adam and Alice London states “It is not about looking beautiful from outside, it is about who you are from inside and what difference you can make in other people’s life to bring happiness”.

She also stated that “ Fashion is an expression of art and emotional journey of the creator and equal opportunity must be laid irrespective of the colour of their skin”.

The fashion show housed models from all over the world and show was focused on bringing out talents within every individual that just walking on the ramp.

Alma Saf, young talented singer, poetically in her sweet voice sung the journey of Adam and Alice London.

The ballet dancers in white handcrafted dresses made a small performance on a love story, followed by catwalk and robotic dancing performance headed by Rhiana, where 4 young dancers showcased the empowerment of future women and freedom of expression. The collections were made from fine quality of silk and some of the jackets were padded with soft mulberry silk wadding. Adam and Alice London, wants to bring back the use of natural fabrics and traditional craftsmanship back into this modern world to support artisans, handloom and talents in the industry.

Huma Adnan, designer from Pakistan , who closed the show ,was representing refugees of Afghanistan who are the talents behind her jewellery collection. Huma offers training and support to the community of refugees through her work. An Extraordinary  handcrafted pieces to express the passion and love send by those refugees and the twins from USA strolled  the runway of her collection. Huma Adnan there by making difference to the community she is living in and embracing the love given by beautiful people whose lives has changed by her collections.

Hena for Happiness, hand crafted jewellery designed for a cause. As an national award winning designer, claimed Winston Churchill as her inspiration “ You make a living by what you get but you make a LIFE by what you give”.

90% of the proceeds goes to Hena Happiness foundation supporting little angels education and healthcare and 10% goes to the artisans who makes the possible dreams for Heena for Happiness collection. 

Few other young brands housed in the show were showcasing their workmanship to express their contribution to the sustainable fashion,  Silk shirts and handloom collections by Roastedsand – mens wear brand from India and silk lingerie brand Bustoire from London made for plus size women to look beautiful and feel beautiful. Ida from Scotland housing collections made from natural handloom fabrics using natural dyes.

Music performance for Adam and Alice London by Jonny Glennon from PPromises, make up team headed by Chiara Giannettino,  DJ by Londonsdj and show presentation by  Lilly Iaschelcic.

Adam and Alice London claims, the technology must make way to bring out talents of every artists, support artists and use of natural fabrics to make the difference in fashion industry to address the problem of sustainable fashion and sustainability of the industry and not by using recycled polyester, which is not a solution to the problem that we are facing today.

Standing for a cause to bring difference by promoting talents, designers and artists is a new direction that young upcoming brand Adam and Alice, London has initiated to make the fashion industry truly sustainable and addressing the climate change affecting our environment today. Is the call of sustainability of the industry has been truly addressed by high streets ?


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